Quick start guide for corsets

What to do when you buy a new shapewear?

The corset is the first attempt to buy for many of our new customers。

When wearing a corset for the first time, we recommend that you do not over-tighten it as this will distort the bones.

How do I know if it is appropriate?

The corset size is not very precise. We try to provide many tools (size charts) in the hands of our customers to provide the most comprehensive corset size system available in the OTR corset community. It is also important to note that everyone has a different tolerance for comfort and unsuitability for corsets. We are a loyal supporter of high-quality corsets, and there is a lack of customized corsets-you will find the most suitable and high-quality steel corsets in Orchard corsets! The corset size chart can only give you a rough reference value, not suitable for everyone.

When receiving the corset, check if it fits
After the laces of the corset are completely loosened, the corset should continue to apply pressure forward. This means that your corset is not too small.

When you tie your back tightly but not tightly, the bones of the back straps should be just right. This means that your corset is not too big. For our small framed men's and women's wear (18-22 corset), you may cover one to two inches of panels; while our full figure (32+ corset) requires one to two inches (Sometimes more) distance before your panel can reach the other side.

So when we choose the corset, choose the bigger one or the smaller one?

If the corset is too big, you will find that it can be closed (or almost closed) very easily. Remember, but when your corset is brand new, it will be very stiff . If you can close it almost completely, it will be too big in a week or so after seasoning. If you can fully close and then open some more...you should contact one of our size experts, because you may wish to reduce both sizes. Sometimes we can also provide advice when we don't know what style of corset to choose.

 So how do we choose a corset that is suitable? How do you know when your corset is "correct"?

When opening the laces, the front chest should be tightly tied to the corset. When you fasten the position of the corset and leave room for your fingers at the top and bottom edges, you will see a gap of about 4-5 inches behind. For a smaller frame (18-22 corset), the gap is smaller; for a more complete figure (32+ corset), the gap is 6-7 inches, for a corset over 40 inches, Maximum gap is 8-9"

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